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Time Spent Nude is Time Well Spent
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Sunwards' "Rules"

We want everyone to have the safest and most pleasant visit possible so, with this in mind, we offer the following suggestions:


  • Nudity is optional but nude in the lake, please! You can wear a swimsuit at thousands of other Ontario lakes.
  • Keep pets under control - at your campsite if necessary
  • Conserve shower water.
  • No soap or shampoo in the lake.
  • No gas engines on the lake - electric motors are okay. Motorized boats require you to have a “Pleasure Boat Operator Card”.  
  • Have a proper Ontario fishing permit.
  • Cameras are allowed but have permission before taking anyone's photograph. And have a parent's permission before photographing a child.
  • Have permission before using boats, chairs or other property of members.
  • Put something - like a towel - between you and anything you sit on.
  • Take your garbage away with you, recyclables included.
  • Sexual harassment and misbehaviour are not tolerated.
  • Observe quiet times. (11 pm to 9 am). Only run generators during times permitted.  (9 to 10 am. & 4 to 5 pm
  • By visiting our camp you indicate that you have read, understand and accept our “Limits of  Liability” and the COVID-19 “Assumption of Risk”.
  • During COVID-19 outbreaks: Do not use anyone else’s chairs, boats or property and observe physical distancing and gathering protocols.


● Supervise your children, especially in the water.
● Be careful of too much sun.
● Wear footwear to protect against sharp rocks and thorns.
● Keep a fire extinguisher in your trailer or tent.
● Only make campfires in the hearths provided and only when open fires are permitted by the township.


One benefit of nude recreation is that it takes place in a non-threatening atmosphere where people are free to relax, let their guard down, and just be themselves. The majority of naturist clubs and resorts are family-oriented, and all are on the lookout for voyeurs or anyone acting suggestively or crudely. Anyone at Sunward who makes overt sexual gestures or inappropriate remarks will be ejected and barred.

Healthful Family-Friendly Nudism. Calabogie. ON, Canada
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