Facilities - Sunward Naturist Park 2023

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The “Facilities”
(Did we mention it’s “rough”?)

Toilets and showers

Where once we had outhouses, now we have flush toilets and hot showers, including an outdoor hot shower in the camping area.

Drinking Water

Although filtered and UV treated, our water supply is drawn from the lake, untested, and not suitable for drinking. Please bring your own water to drink and use our water for cooking and cleaning only. We have a small quantity of bottled water available at a nominal cost. Bottled water can also be purchased in Calabogie.


We have no garbage dump and no animal problem as a result. We ask that you please take your refuse and recyclables away with you when you leave.


The sauna is small and cozy and tucked down into a hollow close to the lake for a quick refreshing plunge.

Our Lake

Our 70-acre lake warms up early in Spring and stays comfortable well into Fall. Fishing is encouraged. An Ontario fishing license is required. Canoes and boats are welcome. No soap or shampoo, gas engines (electric motors are okay) or live bait please.

New, larger, floating docks were installed in 2021.


Yes camping is rough. We have a few 12X12 tent platforms plus some on-ground campsites. There is no electricity, no sewerage and only rudimentary running water - but you camp beside a pristine lake, under Oaks and White Pines, and listen to the Loons call to each other in the night. What could be more natural than that?


We’re sorry but we have no accommodations to rent.  Visitors must provide their own tents or small trailers (under 20 feet).

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